Preparing For Your Job Interview

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16 July, 2018

Important details that you cannot afford to miss

Preparing for a job interview is in stages. There are important steps that you need to put in place before the interview, on the day of the interview and after the interview so we are going to consider each of them as an important stage.


After applying for the job, the period while you are waiting for the notice inviting you for an interview, you need to put the following in place:

  • Researching the company’s profile and business background.
  • Get a feel of the office environment by talking to current employees
  • Gain adequate knowledge about the company. Follow them on social media if any.
  • Prepare responses to questions especially those parts of your resume that needs clarity.
  • Practice with a friend. Be conversant with the industry terminologies. Practice maintaining eye contact. Ask if anything is unclear.
  • As an intending job candidate, look up yourself on Google. Ask yourself questions bothering on Why you think you are the best for that position. These special and unique things you recognize about you will help you further convince your interviewers.