Preparing For Your Job Interview (Continued)

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12 August, 2018


The day of the interview is very important. On this day, you must be most wary of your appearance so that it communicates who you are in the right way. You know what they say about looking the part. Here are a few things you must do in preparation for an interview on the day of the interview.

  • Before now, you should have taken time out to know the venue of your interview so you can plan your arrival and schedule.
  • Dress for work. Your dressing should depict professionalism. It is an important factor that your employer will consider. You should dress for the interview, the same way you would dress when you get the job. Dressing must be smart.
  • Arrive before schedule. Go to bed early, rest adequately and eat a healthy breakfast. Be careful of eating food with strong smell. The smell may irritate your interviewers.
  • Come with extra copies of your CV, resume and references.
  • Be courteous and kind to everyone even to the lowliest of persons you come across. Their opinion about you may count on the long run. Wear a bright smile, look people directly in the eye.
  • Speak audibly. Say please and thank you. Be honest, provide simple and short answers to questions. Be open, let your interviewer read your countenance.


Sadly, many job applicants after the interview, they just go home and await feedback from the company. This is more like an examination where you are patiently waiting for the results. Unlike others, you can still do a lot.

  • Shake hands and exchange pleasantries with the people on the interview panel. Be positive about your session with them.
  • Ask for a time frame to expect feedback. Get their complimentary card and contact information. Discuss their portfolio with them and show genuine interest in the achievements of their company.
  • You can subtly ask to know how you fared. Usually, in most cases, the interviewer will not disclose this and if they do, hold your head high and keep calm no matter what they say.
  • Send a thank you letter to your interviewer. In the letter, leave room for further questions and make sure you include important points highlighting your skills in the Thank you letter.
  • At the appropriate time, follow up.

With these tips, you can train yourself to know how to excel at interviews. Job opportunities may be scarce, but with adequate preparation, your big break may be on the next job application you submit.