Personal Data Protection Policy(PDPA)

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Personal Data Protection Policy
Your privacy is important to us. This Personal Data Protection Policy sets out how McCardle
Williams collects, uses and discloses your Personal Information. The processing of your Personal
Information is also subjected to applicable laws. The Personal Information which you provide to
us, whether from now on or previously, will be used and processed, and continued to be used
and processed by us, in accordance with this Personal Data Protection Policy. We will take
reasonable care and precaution to prevent the loss or misuse of your Personal Information. We
may amend, vary or revise this Personal Data Protection Policy from time to time. If we do so,
we will post the changes on our website or send a copy of the revised Policy to you by post or
“Personal Information” means any information in our possession or control that relates to you
to the extent that you may be identified or identifiable from that information or in combination
with other information in our possession.
“We”, “us” or “our” means McCardle Williams (S) Pte Ltd.
1. Personal Information we collect from you, includes but is not limited to, personal details
such as name, identity number, passport number, age, gender, nationality, date of birth,
address, telephone number, email address, education details, work experience and other details
you provide when you engage our services.
We will not collect any other personal information, except that which is knowingly and
specifically supplied to us by you directly or from our portal as stated above.
2. The Personal Information we collect from you will be information that are, have been or
may be collected by us in connection with any service(s) you have engaged us to provide.
3. The purposes for which we collect your Personal Information may be used by us or our
respective service providers to:
• Communicate with you and to respond to your queries;
• Process your application, inquiry or request;
• Administer your application;
• Conduct surveys, research and statistical analysis with the aim of helping us monitor and
improve our services to you;
• Profile and data analytics for research and analysis to maintain, protect, develop and
improve Portal and enhance customer experience, create data analytics reports etc.;
• Profile and analysis on the persons using and accessing the Portal and their pattern and
manner of usage so as to monitor use of Portal;
Comply with applicable laws, proceedings or inquiries from regulatory authorities, and
enforcement agencies or similar purposes;
• Enable us to verify your identity, sanctions screening and due diligence checks as may be
required under applicable law or regulation;
• Any other purposes permitted by applicable laws


Unless we expressly state otherwise elsewhere in this Data Protection Policy, we will not offer,
publish or share your personal data with third parties, without seeking your explicit permission.
We will retain your information for only as long as there is a business or legal need.
4. To facilitate the purposes above and the provision of services to you, we may process, use
and disclose your Personal Information to the following classes of third parties: –
(a) regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies;
(b) any court of law or any relevant party in connection with any claim or legal proceedings;
(c) our contractors, service providers, consultants, auditors and advisors on a need to know
The Personal Information may in some circumstances be transferred overseas. However, we will
ensure that these overseas entities we work with observe strict confidentiality and data protection
5. You are responsible for providing accurate, true and complete information about yourself
and any other person whose personal information you provide us. Failure on your part may result in
our inability to provide you with the Service you have requested.
6. As and when such Personal Information is no longer correct or becomes outdated, you have
the right to request for any inaccurate personal data to be corrected by contacting us or submitting
fresh information.
7. We retain your Personal Information in accordance with legal, regulatory, business and
operational obligations, and have in place security measures to safeguard your personal data. When
using external service providers, we require that they adhere to our security standards.
8. Personal Information may be transferred to, or stored at, a location outside of Singapore.
Regardless of where Personal Information is transferred, we take reasonable steps to ensure that
Personal Information is kept secure.
9. Personal Data are only accessible to selected individuals. These individual(s) who need to
have access to the Personal Data are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information.
10. We will conduct regular Personal Data housekeeping in terms of retention period and for
classification of Personal Data in line with legal and business requirements. This includes removing
and destroying documents and/or purging databases containing your Personal Data, or removing the
means by which your personal Data can be associated with you, as it is reasonable to assume that
the purpose for which the Personal Data was provided to us is no longer being served by such
retention, and retention is no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.
11. If we were already in possession of your personal data, we may have been using your
personal data in connection with any service, questionnaire or generally to help us monitor and
improve our services to you. If you wish to make changes to your personal data, please contact us at
our contact details below.
12. By giving or making available your Personal Information, you expressly agree and consent to
the collection, use, processing and disclosure of your Personal Information in accordance with the terms of this Personal Data Protection Policy, including but not limited to, consenting to receiving
communication and materials from us from time to time.
13. How to Contact Us
Write to us at: