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At McCardle Williams, our team of professionals are dedicated in providing you with an unprecedented, effective and personalized recruitment experience.

Success is intentional and strategic. We understand that finding the right fit is fundamental to building a winning team and career. With our vast global network of candidates and opportunities, we are trusted hands in matching the right talent with the right opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a top-notch candidate or that next stellar career move, we can help.

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Talent Acquisition

Regardless of the level of candidate you are looking for, be it senior-level executives or mid-level staff, McCardle Williams is able to cater to all your recruitment needs.

Our team of consultants are experienced in placing talent in various degrees of seniority; from Board Level APAC CEO’s & Regional Managing Directors to Finance Managers and Front Office staff, no assignment is too big or small.

We utilize our global contacts and our world-wide partner recruitment firms to bring you the best talent.

We approach each role and the recruitment process with thoroughness and professionalism.

Corporate Services

In addition to satisfying all your staffing needs, we also provide a suite of HR services to make your life easier.

Through our Outsourcing services, we free up your time and resources so you can cater to your other significant needs.

By letting our team handle your immigration needs, you can free up your time to focus on other tasks at hand.

Our Insurance experts will advise and guide you, thus ensuring that everything is well in place and running like clockwork.


It is important to obtain the necessary paperwork that will allow your new hire to start work without a hassle.

The immigration process and requirements may be tedious, thus making it difficult in getting the best talent for your company.

That is where we come in. With offices in both Singapore and Hong Kong, our teams have years of hands-on experience in the area of immigration processing.

We will provide all the support you need to complete the paperwork and ensure that your employees and your business operates in accordance with the local employment laws and regulations.

We are the right people to talk to about your immigration needs.


Insurance does more than guarantee the success of a business.

Finding the right insurance coverage for your business can be very challenging, especially in a stringent regulatory climate.

Our team of insurance professionals can help you wade through these waters and acquire the right insurance coverage for your business and employment needs.

At McCardle Williams, we provide a wide range of services ranging from asset protection, employee benefits to more complex needs such as cyber risk protection. Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion.


Have you ever felt that you are not harnessing your full potential at work or in life? Are you considering a change of career, but are unsure of where you are heading or how to get there? Do you need someone to help you turn your dreams and goals into a clear and concise career plan that will empower you?

We work with some of the best coaches in the business that will assist you to visualize and actualize your dreams, regardless of your current career stage.

They will explore and provide you with the invaluable tools needed to help you make those life-changing decisions.


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